Pakee Decoration Ltd. since founded in October 2001, while the former was founded in 1985, Wing Fai Decoration Company. Therefore, our completion of hundreds of cumulative designs, planning and engineering works are striving for excellence in each and we take surmounted the customer demand and the expectation as our company guidance.
Design Concept
In scientific concept and under standardized technology rules, each instance of our work reflects humanistic achievement, design style and concurrently portrays creativity. We are committed to careful observation, and doing things right with excellent quality control is our goal. Interior design is both a creative and conscientious customer-focused business – we take each case to the highest level of professionalism with the aim of achieving complete customers’ satisfaction before the acceptance stage.
Services Area
Our services encompass home design, commercial space design, independent furniture, cabinets, kitchens, curtains, bathrooms, flooring, lighting … and so on. Our services meet the needs of all customer’s specific and diversified space requirements. We have a professional team to follow up on every project, as well as subsequent maintenance services. We pride ourselves with much more than the industry standards.
Owned Furniture Factory
Lianxing Furniture (Huizhou) Co., Ltd., our established clean paint furniture factory is located in 博羅縣圓洲鎮坎頭村東江工業區. It spreads over an area of 5 million square feet and includes the following sections: sofa department, solid wood department, steel department, decoration and furniture department. From design sketches to complete production of decoration projects furniture, over 100 employees are committed and responsible for total service quality, in order to offer customers the one-stop-shop option.